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Memorable Events

We are proud to have gotten togetherfor a number of unique events over the years. Browse the list below for an idea of some of the wonderful times experienced by our members. If you’d like to join our clan, please get in touch. All are welcome!



PAX East has been held in Boston since 2010 and several of us have attended. This was the first one that we had a meetup. 


PAX South is held in San Antonio and has been the go to place for our meetups. since 2015. It was cancelled in 2021 due to Covid but we are raring to go in 2022.


This wasn't an actual physical meetup but is worth mentioning since it was the original reason for the group getting together. Warhawk was such an awesome experience for us that we have stayed together in one form or another looking for that opportunity to get together again.

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